One of the most effective roles to play in the college process is that of helping students create a roadmap they can execute as early as freshman year in their high school career. Here’s a checklist of important things to do at various points in the college process.


  • Thoroughly review the NCAA Guidelines at
  • Make sure core courses are done in HS. Academic goals and a plan should be written out.
  • Begin SAT/ACT test preparation early in High School. Sign up for a free practice SAT or ACT to determine your prep needs.
  • Keep your grades up.
  • Determine your Estimated Family Contribution (EFC) and get familiar with the college financial aid process.
  • Apply to all colleges you are interested in attending.


  • Start a worksheet log to keep track of your communications with colleges.
  • Begin building a profile to present to colleges.
  • Register with the NCAA Eligibility at
  • Plan official and unofficial visits to local college campuses, always contacting the coaches beforehand to arrange a meeting and see the school in person. Create a highlight or skills video using specific sport guidelines.
  • Compile a list of target schools based on your qualifications.