Secrets of College Planning for Student-Athletes: How to Play at the School of Your Dreams

Are you a student-athlete and want to play sports at your dream college? Hear directly from top college admission officials, financial aid administrators, coaches, and student-athletes who have been through the process successfully. Learn what no one tells you about admissions, scholarships, financial aid, and much more! Anthony Uva is the host of Secrets of College Planning.

He founded University Seekers, a recruiting service to help students get into their dream schools, and opened a foundation to help college-bound inner-city students find the financial resources they need to pay for college. Throughout this book, Anthony shares insights from the Admission Offices and Heads of the top institutions in the country. With advice quoted right from the guests of his show. Hundreds of experts in the field have met with Anthony and he shares it all in this book that can be used as a guide to answering all of your questions.

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Secrets of College Planning

The Secrets of College Planning has over 30 years of college recruitment and scholarship procurement experience, working with students and parents to maneuver through the daunting process of college admittance.

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